Rusty Ross-                                                                                2016 TUF GAMES CHAMPION                                                       2017 PENSACOLA BEACH BRAWL MASTERS CHAMPION 40+

As a masters athlete, a husband, and father of two I have limited time to train, but still need maximum results to remain competitive. Life comes at you hard and training can easily get brushed aside. I was tired of spending hours in the gym each day. I knew there had to be a way to condense training to 45 minutes or less and still be a competitive athlete. 

My motivations:

In 2015, I suffered a rare injury to my leg and had to have reconstructive hip surgery. I was told I would never squat again. "Challenge accepted!"

During my long rehab I was forced to reconstruct my squat mechanics changing everything from the ground up, to what I now believe is the best way to squat. I also developed a daily series of prehab exercises to strengthen the hip joint allowing me to make a full recovery. I'm passionate about helping others recover from or better yet prevent needless injuries. 

My life with AFIB:

 In early 2017 I was diagnosed with AFIB (atrial fibrillation). As a competitive athlete I thought my training days were over. Doing any aerobic training was extremely uncomfortable. But, I've always looked at adversity as an opportunity to reinvent yourself. The first thing I changed was my diet, eliminating caffeine and sugar. I also started training aerobic capacity with a chest worn heart rate monitor so I could identify what bpm was the most tolerable in longer workouts.

My passion:

 Through my Adversity I found a better way to train. A way that limits the toll on our bodies but still yields the results we all desire. My passion is to pass along this way of training to everyday people like my self who love fitness, but have busy lives. We are all capable of greatness if we just believe.