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Everyday Fitness for Everyday People

At Training-Lab.Net we take the guesswork out of what to do and how to do it so you can achieve optimal fitness in your busy life.

1: Fresh from the lab: For the athlete looking for unique progressive workouts delivered fresh daily.


2: 2018 Beach Brawl Competition prep: For the athlete who wants to take the guesswork out of preparing for the 2018 PBB. This is my 6th year competeing at the PBB and I'm passing along the knowledge I've attained over the years. This is a proven template that led me to a perfect score of 400 at the 2017 PBB. My record speaks for itself.           

2013-21st Mens RX

2014-12th Mens RX        

2015-2nd Mens RX

2016-"post surgery" 7th-Mens RX

2017-1st-masters 40+ (1st in every event)

These daily fitness programs train your energy systems and increases your capacity in a simple, easy to follow template that takes between 15 to 45 minutes per day. Each Wod(workout of the day)will come with a prescribed METHOD on how to perform the movements, intensity, breathing and rest periods. Included in each day is a workout specific Prehab protocol for Hip and Shoulder health.







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— Rusty Ross